Life Stories

i remember riding in his grey buick with the radio turned all the way up with cassie and dad with acdc big ball. you would get in a car and i guess your body stayed with the motion of the air ride or something cause you always had a bobble head effect going on. you did always have a way to make me smile. recently in 2003 when we lost cassie couple months later you told me i was your rock and that i helped you. you taught me to be strong like a rock i love you dad!

Just a little over thirty years ago I married my best friend. We met while working at Pizza Hut way back in another time. He was my friend and I grew to love him so much, we really grew up together. We had so many dreams, as young folks do. We saved and bought our first new car together, and that was tough when interest rates were 19% with good credit. We lived in a mobile home that we outgrew, when I had Amanda in 1985. So we moved back to our old stomping grounds in Bellefontaine Neighbors, where we purchased our first house! We were very proud, and very pregnant with our little Cassie. We had the world by the tail and didn't even realize it then. We had two beautiful little girls, one that looked like me and one that looked like daddy. We had good jobs and we were all healthy, you know when we age we look back on those simple things and remeber when!!!


Aunti Linda, such babies then... I'm so sorry for your loss. I think about you guys all the time. I love you and my heart is sad for you, Amanda and the girls. You're in my prayers! XOXO